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Billbrook Rothenburgsort © IBA Hamburg GmbH / Johannes Arlt

Action plan for Billbrook/Rothenburgsort presented

Industrial zone is biggest connected area in north Germany after the port of Hamburg

The HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation and IBA Hamburg GmbH have identified six fields of activity for a development concept targeting industrial zones: land use, infrastructure, urban development and free spaces, traffic and mobility, market and companies as well as communication and investments. The results were presented Tuesday (May 24th) during a public event in Billbrook’s Still Arena using a status analysis, target scenarios and proposed measures.

Giving Industry 4.0 a home

Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, said: “Hamburg will give industrial companies a place in the city centre as they in particular are investing in future projects. We have given Industry 4.0 a home in eastern Hamburg. We wish to shape this process together with mostly private property owners.” Last year, the State Ministry for Economics, Traffic and Innovation ordered the HWF and IBA to come up with an action plan to boost economic momentum in Billbrook/ Rothenburgsort and to generate modern and future-orientated workplaces there.

Darboven, Rofin-Sinar and Albis Plastic

The Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial zone is the biggest connected industrial area in north Germany after the port of Hamburg. Thus, the zone is hugely important to the city. Over 1,000 firms located in the 770 hectare-area employ 20,000 staff. Several forwarders, storage and utility companies add to the area’s image. There are also building companies, chemical and plastic production firms, wholesalers, engineering companies and food manufacturers there in addition to traditional and contemporary industrial companies and service providers – including global giants like Still, Darboven, Rofin-Sinar or Albis Plastic.

Connection to inter-regional traffic

The area benefits from its proximity to downtown Hamburg, the port and inter-regional traffic connections. Yet, infrastructure in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort is outdated and the traffic infrrastructure is in urgent need of refurbishment. Apart from the bad road conditions, companies also bemoan the lack of parking spaces in the area. There is also talk of the zone’s connecton to inter-regional traffic via the Unteren Landweg or per public transport.

Broadband access in the area also needs to be improved vastly. Individual uses in wholesale and export are another problem. Although they are legally permissible in the industrial area, they often encroach the public space and spoil the zone’s overall image.

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