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Hamburger Familiensiegel geht an 33 Unternehmen © Handwerkskammer Hamburg/Peters-Fotografie

33 firms receive "Hamburg Family Seal"

Companies honoured for family-friendly personnel policies

Thirty-three companies were awarded the Hamburg Family Seal on Thursday (November 14, 2019) for their family-friendly personnel policies during a ceremony in the atrium of the State and University Library. The awards were presented by the Hamburg Alliance for Families. Around 434 companies with over 35,000 employees already have the seal (Hamburger Familiensiegel).

Compatibility of family and career

“The award of the Hamburg Family Seal is great! Partners to the alliance have been working very co-operatively and successfully for 15 years,” said Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Work, Social Affairs, Family and Integration. The city provides the framework for parents to reconcile family life and work. The award-winning companies offer both young families and employees with care responsibilities ways of reconciling work and family life. André Mücke, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, stressed that family-friendliness would become increasingly important, especially when recruiting skilled workers. “Everyone benefits from corporate offers for a better work-life balance – the families, the location and the companies. I am therefore very pleased that committed companies will be awarded the family seal this year and are sending a clear signal.”

Part-time work and flexible working hours

The senate, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts initiated the Hamburg Alliance for Families in 2004. It honours companies that offer their employees multiple opportunities for reconciling work and family life, such as flexible working hours and individualised part-time work.

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