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10 per cent rise in exports from Hamburg in 2015

Exports from Hamburg to UAE growing rapidly, says Northern Statistical Office. France is most important trade partner

A volume of goods worth EUR 56.5 billion was exported from Hamburg in 2015 – a rise of 10.2 per cent over 2014, according to the Northern Statistical Office for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Last year, 59 per cent of those goods were exported to European countries. Goods worth EUR 33 billion or 3 per cent more than in 2014 were exported. France was clearly the main export partner with deliveries of goods worth EUR 13.1 billion (minus 3 per cent).

Britain in second place

The deliveries to France were mostly linked to joint European production in aircraft construction and the exchange of components between production sites. Britain is the second most important trading partner with goods worth EUR 5.5 billion (plus 9.2 per cent) from Hamburg in 2015. The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Spain also count among Hamburg’s ten most important export partners.

Non-European trade partners

Non-European countries account for a growing share of foreign trade, according to the Northern Statistical Office. Exports to such countries increased by around 22 per cent in 2015. The United Arab Emirates is among Hamburg’s most important trading partners with goods worth EUR 6.2 billion (plus 82 per cent) putting the country in second place. The United States is the most important trade partner in North America with goods worth EUR 4.5 billion (plus 32 per cent) in 2015 from the Hanseatic city.

Noticeable drop

China imported goods worth EUR 4.4 billion. There was also a strong rise in exports to Brazil – EUR 1.2 billion (plus 38 per cent). Aircraft and aircraft components made up the most exports to those countries. Last year saw a sharp drop in exports to Russia with products worth EUR 228 million (minus 69 per cent) putting the Russian Federation in 33rd place after Norway and Finland. Hamburg exports mainly petroleum products and machines to Russia.

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