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Telemichel bald wieder offen © Spahrbier

Plans to reopen "Telemichel" unveiled

Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, German government and Hamburg agree on cost and task sharing

Deutsche Funkturm GmbH (DFMG), the German Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media and Hamburg’s Senate have agreed on cost and task sharing in a “Letter of Intent” to renovate the landmark Heinrich Hertz Tower aka Telemichel, a press release said Tuesday (November 14, 2017). Preparations to reopen the tower are now going ahead. Dr. Carsten Brosda, Hamburg’s Senator of Culture and Media, said: “The renovations and reopening of the television tower will see this impressive monument to the history of technology and architecture restored to its original dual function as a telecommunications and observation tower in the heart of the city. Hamburg will gain yet another attraction.”

Viewing platform to reopen soon

The agreement has now laid the ground for the procedure and sharing work on a large, conservation measure between the German government and the state of Hamburg. The tower has been closed to the public since 2001. The agreement foresees extensive work on the tower and elevator to reopen both platforms to the public as well as constructing an entrance building at the foot of the tower.

City to pay half of costs

The negotiations are based on EUR 18.5 million set aside in the German government’s budget. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has indicated willingness to provide the same amount for the work. A written agreement has been confirmed and outstanding issues clarified. The funding is subject to the approval of the Hamburg City Parliament. DFMG will foot any costs that exceed the sum determined by a feasibility check.

Operating plans

Under the agreement, DFMG must keep the tower open for at least 20 years and will find an operator as part of a competitive tendering procedure. Neither the German government nor the City of Hamburg will pay for those costs. Specific building plans can now begin and DFMG can apply to the German government and City of Hamburg for grants. The senate will present a funding proposal to the Hamburg City Parliament as soon as it receives a reliable cost estimate and then lay down a schedule until the monument reopens to the public.

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