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Reisen Hamburg 2016 focuses on young adventurers

Tourism fair offers e-bike tours, travel blogs' tips, city rally apps and classic holiday planning

This year’s Reisen Hamburg highlights new holiday trends and unusual ways of travelling. Bloggers on the “Young Travel” island report on their own surprising ways of discovering people and countries. A north German provider shows how to turn a city trip into an exciting discovery. And the latest means of travel, the e-bike, is also on show at north Germany’s holiday, cruise and cycling exhibition from February 17-21. Around 900 exhibitors are due to present their offers for the 2016 season at the fair.

Finding travel companions

Travel bloggers on the “Young Travel” island in Hall B5 will be reporting about their journeys outside of their comfort zones. Keen to see places, people and countries, these young travellers go to extra lengths in search of immediate, vibrant experiences. Tanja Ney calls herself a “digital part-time nomad” and recounts cycling alone around an island, gathering stories for her blog in the process. Globetrotter Martin Müller tells how he travelled from the southernmost to the northernmost point in mainland Europe. And Tim and Karina Poser describe their discovery of China on bamboo bikes. Those seeking a personal dream holiday with a travel companion can try their luck at travel dating. Visitors to the fair can pin their search messages to an advertising pillar on the adventure island and arrange a place there and then.

Adventurous city rallies

The north German exhibitor, Skoutix, offers innovations such as mobile phone apps for city trips. Then, visitors can go discovering new cities without a travel guide. Skoutix has two apps for Hamburg and six other cities including Luneburg and Bremen. Apart from historic tours, the apps offer discovery trips with emphasis on fun puzzles. The mix of guided tours and rallies leads families or small groups to hidden places, streets and squares and points out lesser-known details using questions to vary the overall experience.

More young people using e-bikes

New means of travel are also on show at the fair. Michael Struck, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based e-bike dealer, E-Motion, says: “The trend towards electric bikes is continuing,” and is likely to last until at least 2021 because “more and more cyclists are switching to e-bikes,” he noted. A whole range of well-known brands including Raleigh, Hercules, Riese & Müller, Stromer, Haubike, Gocycle, Giant, Gazelle or Cannondale will be exhibiting their e-motion offers at Reisen Hamburg. The bikes can be tried out on a 650 square metre test track.

15,000 kilometres along the Amazon

Long-distance bikers can tell many tales of discovering remote places in Hall B1 where daily lectures, workshops about bikes and biking trips are also planned. Andreas Horváth recounts his trip from the Andes to Patagonia. And Peter Glöckner travelled 15,000 kilometres through the Amazon to a source discovered only recently. Anita Burgholzer and Andreas Hübl tell how they clocked up 36,000 kilometres across 35 countries in 844 days. Meanwhile, Valeska and Philipp Schaudry travelled around the world for five and a half years and rode 87,000 kilometres.

Nationwide e-bike hiring

The not-so adventurous can get information about 1,000 kilometre-long cycling paths and 11 themed routes in the Hamburg metropolitan region at the Duchy of Lauenburg’s stand. The Kooperation Fahrrad-Ferienland will be presenting a nationwide network of e-bike rental companies with charging stations. Johanna Drescher, General German Bicycle Association (ADFC), said, “E-bikes are making many regions more attractive for cycling holidayers, who otherwise may have felt unable to tackle certain routes.” The ADFC stand has several suggestions for tours and information about GPS navigation.

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