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Ranking: Hamburg - Germany's most popular city

In a representative survey, the Hanseatic city particularly excelled in sympathy, residential attraction, and city break destination

Hamburg is hip. And not only that: according to the new Brandmeyer city brand monitor, Hamburg is the most popular city in Germany. In the representative study, the Hanseatic city consistently takes top positions, and has been ranked best in regard to sympathy, residential attraction, and city break destination. Hamburg also achieved top rankings in the areas of highest reputation, quality of life and economic strength, appeal for families, and, last but not least, was named one of Germany’s most beautiful cities.

City as a Brand

Just as consumer products compete for consumers, cities are competing for residents, workers, businesses, and tourists. City marketing companies have thus discovered the “city brand” as a strong competitive tool. In 2010, the strength of a “city brand” had been determined by the first Brandmeyer city brand monitor, with the survey continued in 2015.

Hamburg ahead of Munich

For the representative study, more than 5,000 participants of all groups made Hamburg the strongest city brand across 50 focal question. While the Hanseatic city was positioned second place after Munich in 2010, it was now ranked first, and thus better than the Bavarian capital. After Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden and Freiburg followed in the ranking of cities.

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