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"Park and Joy" - intelligent parking in Hamburg

Parking app to alleviate parking in Hamburg - model of intelligent traffic infrastructure

Hamburg’s Authority for Internal Affairs and Sport, the State Roads and Traffic Authorities and Deutsche Telekom presented Monday (January 29, 2018) the latter’s “Park and Joy” smart parking app for the city. Coupled with sensors on car parking spaces, the app helps people in Hamburg find and pay for vacant parking spaces quickly and simply.

Users pay for their parking space on the mobile phone app. Deutsche Telekom has been operating sensors on parking spaces in Wandsbek since January. The sensors send notifications about free parking spaces via the new NARROWBAND IOT (NB-IOT). The first 100 sensors are presently being put in place near the Wandsbek Markt. Up to 11,000 sensors will be in operation across the inner city by late 2019. The “Park and Joy“ app has been available for download since October 2017, but has so far been limited to metering the car park ticket to the minute.

Karte App-Test Wandsbek

En route to model city

The app has been offering the “Parkplatz” (P) function since the turn of 2017/2018 allowing car drivers to find vacant parking spaces near their destination. Forecasts from diverse data sources are used for this purpose. The information provided by parking sensors will be integrated into the system in summer. Introducing intelligent parking is a key part of Hamburg’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) strategy. As host of the ITS World Congress in 2021, the city will use all the available technology to keep the search for car parking spaces to a minimum. An intelligent traffic infrastructure is crucial to becoming a model of intelligent transport and urban logistic solutions.

Ideal use of traffic infrastructure

Forecasts about the availability of car parking spaces will ease transport for the people of Hamburg and tourists. The planned park and ride links with public transport e.g. buses, trains and bicycles will open up entirely new digital models and will give the city an effective traffic management tool.

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