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More Than 225,000 Visitors In 2014 Confirm MKG's New Museum Policy

"Myth of Chanel" a crowd-puller. Museum strategy: changing perceptions

With more than 225,000 visitors in 2014, Hamburg’s arts and craft museum “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe”, short MKG, continued its successful work of recent years. With a median visitor age of 45.6 years, the audience visiting the house rejuvenated once more. Thus, MKG lies no below the average age of the North German art museum visitors of 49 years.

Diversity Of Topics Creates Great Interest

Visitors and media appreciate the house as being open to discussion, audience-oriented, and open to complex and controversial issues. The MKG explores his chances and possibilities as museum of applied arts, and successfully develops exhibitions from its collections, including, inter alia, “The Myth of Chanel” (43,000 visitors) or “War and Propaganda 14/18”, in which 38,000 visitors explored the role mass media during the First world War and its significance for information today. Particular attention also scored the exhibition “Looted Art?”, in which the MKG has taken a look at the provenance from its own collection. Due to its huge public success, the show “Fat Booty” was extended until 8 February. The new profile of the house is also reflected by numerous publications on its special exhibitions and a book on its permanent collection.

Connecting The Past To Today

Museum director Prof Dr Sabine Schulze: “Our rich collection allows us to draw from it new shows with topics of contemporary relevance again and again. We would like to ask questions relevant to today’s world and life, to arouse curiosity, and to open the access to all kind of visitors.“ Starting on 13 February, the exhibition “Tattoo” will draws the attention to the lively, innovative and highly diverse tattoo culture, focussing on artistic and technical issues and the specific cultural context. With “Fast Fashion” , the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg will cast a critical glimpse behind the scenes of glamorous fashion. It is bounded by the magic triangle of consumerism, economic interests and ecological issues.

Highlights of MKG’s Rich Collection

MKG’s vast collections have been gathered over generations, with more than 500,000 exhibits showcasing human creativity and inventiveness at their best. On 12 April, MKG’s rearranged collection of Islamic art will be open to the public. Complemented with contemporary works of the Muslim culture, the new display of will reflect the cultural dimension of Islam and allow to experience the world religion in its historical, geographical and social diversity.
The new presentation of its world-renowned Art Nouveau collection and its accompanying exhibition to open 16 October will reflect the new museum concept of MKG. The new presentation will tell the story of an era of upheavals, of reform movements, cultural pessimism, and earlier critique of consumerism, which shows remarkable parallels to the situation of today’s society.

Restoration Of Historic Photo Art

That collection objects must also be maintained, restored and stored properly, remains often hidden to the public. Thanks to generous supporters under the initiative of art, MKG will be able to start the restoration of its huge collection of historical photographs of sensitive objects, and stock them in modern ways to preserve them for future generations. The contribution of MKG to this year’s Triennial of Photography will thus focus on the collecting and sharing of photographic images and the importance of these cultural practices to this day.

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