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Frederik und Gerrit Braun mit den Urkunden © Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH

Miniatur Wunderland gets bigger and better

Miniatur Wunderland breaks own world record and builds South America section

Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg’s number one tourist attraction, has broken its own record for the world’s largest, cross-scale, model train set and raised it from 15,400 metres to 15,715 metres. Gerrit and Frederik Braun, the brain behind Miniatur Wunderland, accepted the honour Wednesday (August 14, 2019) from Lena Kuhlmann, Guinness World Records judge. Model train sets in many different scales can be found worldwide some of which are almost lifelike in size while others are only a few millimetres in length. Comparisons are possible, as they have all been built based on the standardised scale in the real world. The Braun brothers have laid over 1367.21 kilometres of “real length” meaning Wunderland can now call itself the world’s largest model railway set across all scales.

Bridge opens up new worlds

The Braun brothers have also announced plans to build a spectacular South America section making for an even bigger Miniatur Wunderland. A 25-metre long bridge is to be built across the river to the other side of the existing Speicherstadt section. Around 3,000 square metres of exhibition space are to be created there by late 2021 with the Atlantic Ocean and focusing on Latin America. A new, special section called the “The World from Above” will depict the Earth’s most beautiful places from the perspective of a low flying airplane. Around EUR 10 million will be invested in the new sections.

Work on South America section underway in Buenos Aires

Wunderland model builders and a 15-strong team in Buenos Aires are already creating the new section. For the first phase of construction, 200 square metres have been plotted, depicting the Amazon and the Andes, Rio de Janeiro and the Antarctic. Gerrit Braun explained: “The South America project is both adventure and fairy tale. The family father, Ricardo Martinez, a model building enthusiast and drummer by profession, discovered a documentary about Miniatur Wunderland back in 2002 via Deutsche Welle. He videotaped it to repeatedly replay it for his four children over the years. His children were raised with this footage and our YouTube channel. They always wanted to see Miniatur Wunderland and now we are going together on an expedition into the unknown.” The parts in this section will be brought to Hamburg in 2021 and assembled in the new area.

Formula 1 to race through Monaco

Meanwhile, work on the Monaco-Provence section is ongoing using a brand new technique. The idea is to create a miniature Formula 1 race track via scalable magnetic fields. “A miniature Formula 1 race track is technically the most challenging project in the history of the Wunderland so far, aside from our airport. We managed to run the first Bolides on a test run. We are still a long way from depicting complete Formula 1 races with different driving characteristics and overtaking manoeuvres”, said Gerrit Braun. The grand opening, scheduled for November 2020, will see this section unveiled by a surprise, as yet unnamed Formula 1 driver.

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