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"The Lion King" with new audience record: ten million viewers

Disney's musical is the world's most successful production. Hamburg confirmed as the country's musical capital. New world premiere in autumn: The Bern wonder on 23 November 2014.

In October, Disney’s award-winning musical “The Lion King” welcomed its ten millionth visitor at
the Stage Theater in the Portt of Hamburg. The show celebrates its 13th anniversary this year in Hamburg, where
the show remains city’s best-selling stage production. On in eight Germans have meanwhile enjoyed the show. “The Lion King ‘has become quintessential to Hamburg’s culture and tourism landscape. A run time of 13 years and ten million visitors are a great compliment to Stage Entertainment, Disney and Hamburg. The entire city benefits from the unbroken attraction”, rejoices Dietrich von Albedyll, CEO of the Hamburg Tourismus Board.

Musicals attract guests even from far away

Among Hamburg’s cultural attractions, musicals are the city’s largest crowd puller. No other musicals throughout Germany recorded a similarly high average travel distance of his guests, who leave all parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to enjoy the show. On average, the distance travelled to enjoy “The Lion King” amounts to 370 kilometres – not much to American or Australian standards, but quite far for Europeans. “The Lion King” also accounts for longer overnight stays. Guests who come to Hamburg only to enjoy aemusical, remain on average almost three nights in the Hanseatic city.

World most successful musical

Winning over 70 theatre awards worldwide, this captivating stage production follows the adventures
of the young lion cub Simba, as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his
destined role of King. Julie Taymor’s internationally celebrated stage adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated film
premiered on Broadway in 1997 and has now been seen by over 75 million people. In addition to the record-breaking production in Hamburg, The Lion King can currently be seen in London, New York, Madrid, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Sydney and on tours around the UK. To date, The Lion King has played 18 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

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