Hamburg News: Tourism - one of the highlight events: the event Blue Port is shown with Elbphilharmonie during night time.
Warmlesen in der alten Wassermühle von Karoxbostel (von rechts): die Thalia-Schauspieler Tilo Werner, Miriam Strübel und Alicia Aumüller © Wolfgang Becker

Industrial heritage alive: the horror story of Karoxbostel

Reanactments at historic ports, water mills, and factories

An exciting place and an exciting story – these are the ingredients from which the ensemble of the Hamburg Thalia Theater creates an excitingly new theatre experience. After last year’s success, the playhouse once again uses industrial heritage sites in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region to stage smaller production in an unusual, intimate setting.

Performances at the Hanseatic City of Wismar, Lauenburg, and Cuxhaven

With the first productions already shown in Stade and at the historic water mill of Karoxbostel in the district of Harburg, shows are now to follow in Wismar, Lauenburg, and Cuxhaven. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region and the Thalia Theater commenced their co-operation in 2013 in order to take the cultural exchange between the city and its surrounding rural areas to new heights. Performing in the historic port facilities, water mills, and factories, the actors of Thalia Theater bring to live the atmospheric places by their narratives.

Networking in the field of tourism and culture

The aim of the co-operation is to initiate a long-term cooperation of the Thalia Theater with cultural institutions in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, and to create a neighbourhoods that are full of live and great places to live. In addition, the co-operations raises the awareness for heritage protection, and helps to maintain witnesses from the past by using it in new, exciting ways. Last but not least, new networks in the field of tourism and culture are initiated and established by the shows.

source and further information :
excerpt of the Hamburg trade magazine Business & People

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