Hamburg News: Tourism - one of the highlight events: the event Blue Port is shown with Elbphilharmonie during night time.

Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg is to present Friday plans for Hamburg’s latest landmark, the Elbtower. The 235 metre Elbtower will be an “elegant high-rise icon”. Commenting on the plans, Scholz said: “A confident and beautiful building” with construction likely to begin in 2021 and opening in 2025/2026.

The Elbtower will form “a powerful conclusion to the development of HafenCity and be an entrance to central Hamburg and the future urban development districts of Billebogen and Grasbrook”. After planning and construction lasting 16 years, HafenCity is now growing towards the east. Hopes are high that the Elbtower would be a special highlight there. Unlike many skyscraper projects worldwide, the use of the Elbtower will be mixed and include space for offices, hotels, possibly apartments, exhibitions, concerts, culinary events as well as for retailers.

Choice of architects and builders

Plans were laid for the new landmark on the Elbe Bridge in 2017 and a builder and architect have been chosen in the meantime. A jury consisting of architects, urban planners and property experts unanimously selected a draft by David Chipperfield Architects and a tender and concept by SIGNA Prime Selection AG based in Innsbruck.

Source and further information:
Senate Chancellery Hamburg