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Holiday trends in 2017 - emphasis on sun and safety

Foundation examines holiday trends in 2017 - safety high on agenda

Safety is a top priority for holidaymakers, according to a recent survey by Hamburg’s Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen (Foundation for Future Studies). Germans are gearing up for the summer holidays starting in July. Then, more than half of German citizens will hit the roads or board flights bound for Spain, Italy and other sunny destinations as well as the Baltic Sea, Bavaria and tourist regions in Germany. “For holidaymakers, safety is a basic requirement for travelling. And in uncertain times, travellers simply want to feel safe and that they can wander around the holiday destination. The old magic formula of summer, sun and beach has gained a fourth aspect – security,” said Professor Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt, Academic Director of the Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen.

Although family holidays remain popular, they are losing importance. In 2007, over three-thirds of interviewees agreed with that statement compared to two-thirds in 2017. The rise of singles and childlessness may be possible reasons and are affecting the holiday sector. Sustainable tourism came third as reflected by greater environmental awareness e.g. healthy diets, saving energy and recycling. Some 63 per cent of those surveyed said they would certainly pay attention to ecological quality indicators and unspoilt nature during their holidays.

North Germany increasingly popular as tourist region

Tourism is becoming increasingly important in north Germany. A survey by IHK Nord questioned over 1,000 businesses in the hospitality and travel sectors in five north German states about their economic situation in the first half of 2017. Accordingly, the positive business mood is continuing and reached a very good index of 134 points similar to the figures for autumn 2016. The travel industry’s 128 points reflect the positive development and the increasing holiday trip business. “We are particularly pleased by the rising numbers of guests in the north,“ said Dr. Wolfgang Blank, Chair of IHK Nord.

Hotel occupancy in Hamburg

Last year, a total of 6.6 million guests accounted for 13.3 million overnight stays in Hamburg – an increase of 5.5 per cent or 692,000 overnight stays over 2015. The annual results surpassed those of the previous year for the fifteenth consecutive time. Commenting on the developments, Michael Otremba, Managing Director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH, said: “Last year, we managed to get another 292,000 people (over 2015) excited about Hamburg. That is due to countless stories and pictures by people in the tourist industry who stir up enthusiasm for Hamburg among new guests. Guests then share their personal experiences on social media and are thus credible messengers. Visitors who come to Hamburg for meetings and congresses leave the city as important multipliers for their sector and come to the Hanse city again for private reasons. We want to make even stronger use of this potential for communication in Hamburg’s tourist sector.“

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