Hamburg News: Tourism - one of the highlight events: the event Blue Port is shown with Elbphilharmonie during night time.
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Hamburg Tourismus presents ideas for sustainable urban tourism

New strategy focuses on mix of tourism and environmental awareness

Hamburg Tourismus GmbH’s declared goal is to create a sustainable balance between growth and prosperity on the one hand, and ecological compatibility, social responsibility and cultural sensitivity on the other. Various sustainability experts e.g. the Institut für Tourismus und Bäderforschung in Nordeuropa or the Mascontour consulting firm are lending their support to HHT’s new strategy.

Growing tourism ecologically, economically and socially

“Guest numbers are rising worldwide. Changes in travel behaviour and the rising importance of the quality of life in cities are leading to new challenges. We are answering the questions of how to meet the challenges and how to shape tourism growth ecologically, economically and socially to benefit everyone with the sustainability strategy,” said Michael Otremba, Managing Director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH.

#nacHHaltigbegeistert – tips for sustainable leisure

The first part of the #nacHHaltigbegeistert campaign launched in the run-up to the 11th Hamburg Climate Week underway in Hamburg from September 22-29, 2019. The City of Hamburg’s website Experience Hamburg Sustainably gives tips and ideas for environment-friendly excursions, mobility offers, accommodation and dining.

Green Globe certifying environmental friendliness

Not only has HHT raised the visibility of sustainable offers and forged closer co-operation with districts and local initiatives to emphasise tourist experience points outside the city, HHT has also reviewed and improved its own structures. It has developed a sustainability management system, which in February yielded a Green Globe certification. The Green Globe certification is the first programme of its kind worldwide and honours performance improvement based on environment-friendliness, social responsibility and economic profitability.

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11th Hamburg Climate Week

All eyes turn to climate protection from September 22-29, 2019 when the 11th Hamburg Climate Week gets underway. Hamburg has vowed to act in view of the scale and awareness of global climate change and the accompanying risks. Topics on the agenda include educational and cultural programmes, joining in activities and several panel events. Organised by volunteers, the Climate Week has been held since 2009. Movers and shakers in business, politics and society come together for talks on raising awareness of climate protection and – since 2016 – of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In the era of the “Fridays for Future” demonstrations, initiated by the young Swedish national, Greta Thunberg, Climate Week is meeting with growing interest.

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