Hamburg News: Tourism - one of the highlight events: the event Blue Port is shown with Elbphilharmonie during night time.
Elisabeth © Labelle Juliane-Bischoff

Hamburg Confirmed As Germany's Capital of Musicals

"Elisabeth - the true story of Sissi" on show at mehr! Theatre by February 2016 . The Bern Miracle "wins five awards and sells more than 500,000 tickets in the first year

In 1992, it premiered in Vienna. In February 2016, the curtain will lift in Hamburg. From 18 February to 27 March, the mehr! Theater in the former wholesale market will stage the worldwide success of Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay: “Elisabeth”. In the successful musical, Kunze replayed the naive-hearted “Sissi” made famous by films by the image of a strong, educated, self-determined woman who was ahead of her time. To showcase this, he created an exciting drama about the princess of Bavaria, which the Emperor of Austria marries at age 16. However, Sissi does not stay happy for long, and escapes the golden chains of the Viennese court soon by travelling extensively until she stabbed as Austrian Empress in Geneva in 1898. More than ten million people worldwide have seen the musical so far. In spring, it will surely delight visitors in Hamburg – and make them sob…

500,000 Tickets Sold

More than 500,000 people have meanwhile watched the musical “The Bern Miracle (Das Wunder von Bern)” that celebrated its world premiere at the new theatre in the Port of Hamburg on 23 November 2014th. Since then, the musical about the moving story of Lubanski family against the backdrop of 1954 World Cup has been touching the whole nation. There has never been a better response to a musical in Germany – with the public, the media, and the critics alike.

Highly Awarded Soccer Musical

Stage Entertainment Germany’s new musical Das Wunder von Bern was the big winner at the second annual German Musical Awards held in Berlin on 26 October, taking home five of the top prizes. The winners were: Elisabeth Hübert for Best Supporting Actress, David Jakobs for Best Supporting Actor, Simon Eichenberger, Florian Bücking and Brendan Shelper for Best Choreography, and Jens Kilian for Best Set. Das Wunder von Bern also won a special award recognising the outstanding performances of the five child actors in the show.

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