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Udo Lindenberg eröffnet Panik City © Tine Acke

Germany's Udo Lindenberg opens his "Panik City"

Rock star's multimedia "rocket-launching station" opens on Hamburg's Reeperbahn

One of Germany’s most popular rock stars, Udo Lindenberg, opened his spectacular “Panik City” Tuesday (March 20, 2018) on the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. The Klubhaus St. Pauli houses “Panik City” with the Udo Lindenberg Experience spanning 700 square metres and featuring a multimedia world of experience. Virtual reality and augmented reality technology are used in the art and culture project to sketch the rock star’s life from his birthplace, Gronau, to Likörelle, his musical career and political activism.

Udo Lindenberg Experience

“Panik City” shows Lindenberg as a multimedia takeaway experience. Every visitor gets their own “Udo” eggnog and a video of the rock star to take home. “Thanks to virtual reality, the real ‘panic’ nightingale can now chirp everywhere at the same time,” said Lindenberg, 71, adding, “We have built a kind of rocket launching station for researching the ‘Udo-universe’ peacefully.”

Interactive tour of rock star’s life

Several stations in Lindenberg’s life are featured. A drone flight over his birthplace, Gronau, with many large format displays tells visitors about his family, childhood and youth. Fans can also record a song called “Ich mach’ mein Ding“ with Udo in the recreated “Boogie-Park” studio“. Other stations highlight “Udo and the East”, the Likörell Bar and the colourful Republic of Germany – “Bunte Republik Deutschland”.

Virtual reality trip

Visitors can use a multi-media headset to travel through time and rediscover several decades in the history of Germany with Lindenberg and can sing “Reeperbahn“, written as an ode to Hamburg, with Lindenberg and his Panik-Orchester performing to 22,000 fans.

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