Hamburg News: Tourism - one of the highlight events: the event Blue Port is shown with Elbphilharmonie during night time.
Westansicht der Elbphilharmonie am Abend © / Thies Raetzke

First 100 days of Elbphilharmonie

City pleased with first 100 days of Elbphilharmonie - Plaza proving a vistor magnet

Around 190 concerts attended by an estimated 250,000 visitors have been held since the Elphilharmonie opened 100 days ago, a press release said Thursday. Concerts in both the grand and small concert halls have sold out since the opening. And over 1.6 million people have visited the Plaza since it opened on November 4, 2016 making the Elbphilharmonie one of the most frequently visited places in Germany in a short space of time. A delighted Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, said: “The success of the Elbphilharmonie is overpowering. Everyone wants to experience the Elbphilharmonie. For 100 days, evening for evening, we have had excited visitors to the concerts and Plaza, which by now has been visited more often than Neuschwanstein Castle in a year. The enthusiasm for the Elbphilharmonie shows that it is not only a unique architectural highlight, it also indicates a great demand for top class culture. The Elbphilharmonie has put Hamburg back on the map as an international, cultural metropolis and changed the long-term perception of the city.”

Diverse music programme

All kinds of concerts are being held at the Elbphilharmonie ranging from large orchestral concerts, sophisticated chamber music evenings, themed festivals, jazz, world music and pop. Over 230 workshops on instruments have already been held for school classes and music fans. And the music programme is likely to be expanded in future. Commenting on the concert hall’s popularity, Christoph Lieben-Seutter, General Director of the Elbphilharmonie, noted: “Since the opening on January 11, around 190 concerts across an array of genres have been held in both halls that demonstrate impressively the class and versatility of the Elbphilharmonie. Both audiences and artists are thrilled and inspired by this unique building and the atmosphere in the concerts.“

Tickets for 2017/18 season

Different organisers host concerts in the Elbphilharmonie. Presales for individual tickets begin on June 12, 2017, and subscribers can order tickets as soon as organisers have announced the concerts. The Elbphilharmonie will present its own concert programme on May 8, 2017. Then, more details on ticket will be available.

Tickets for Plaza

The 37-metre high viewing platform is open daily from 9 am to midnight. Tickets must be obtained, as daily visitor numbers are limited to 1,200. Free tickets for a same-day visit are available from the visitors’ centre, Am Kaiserkai 62, and at automats in the entrance to the Elbphilharmonie. Visitors are advised to reserve advance tickets online for a fee of EUR 2 when planning a weekend visit or on bank holidays

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