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Digital tour of Speicherstadt

Several, new, digital glimpses of UNESCO World Heritage site available

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, presented Thursday the results of the “Speicherstadt digital” app project that provides historic photos, background information, audio plays, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences of Hamburg’s UNESCO World Heritage site. An additional platform on Google Arts & Culture offers new insight into the Speicherstadt’s history. Launched by the Ministry of Culture and Media, the project is part of the overall Urban Digitalisation Strategy.

Commenting on the project, Brosda said: “‘Speicherstadt digital‘ gives everyone in-depth insight into history and uses the example of the world’s largest connected ensemble of warehouses to show how culture and media can be linked up with each other. The comprehensive, free broadband LAN network there means the ideal infrastructure is already ready.”

“Speicherstadt digital” app

The free “Speicherstadt digital” app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Many of the historic photographs on the app stem from the archives of the Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and the state archives. Explanatory texts and reports by contemporaries give insight into the origins of the Speicherstadt and everyday life there. A map view enables users to get their bearings quickly.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality elements developed by the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg bring history alive. Visitors can play games on monitors in the lobby of the so-called “dialogue house” to learn more about work in the Speicherstadt 100 years ago. Virtual reality headsets and controllers are also available for 3D views of workers shovelling coal in the boiler room, for instance, in the warehouse.

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About Speicherstadt:

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, once hailed as one of the most innovative, modern building projects in the city, is the largest warehouse district in the world. Built from 1883 to 1927, it is used for commercial purposes only in the 21st century. Several museums highlight diverse aspects of the Speicherstadt’s cultural heritage.

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