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Bike City Hamburg

Cycling is getting increasingly popular in the Hanseatic city, with Hamburg responding to the demand by expanding route networks and services

Bicycle roads, city bikes, spacious parking for bikes – in Hamburg is doubling its efforts to make cycling faster and more attractive. One of the latest projects of this kind is a glazed bicycle workshop in the district of Eimsbüttel, opened in September 2015 in a a heritage listed petrol station in front of the Grindelberg skyscrapers. The service station from 1953 now serves as a showroom and visual highlight of the area. New tenant is the bike shop Two Wheels Good: //

Enhanced Project Coordination

By October 2015, Hamburg will also be offering the services of a cycling co-ordinator. Kirsten Pfaue, previously head of the legal department of the district administration of Wandsbek and Hamburg chairperson of the German bicycle club ADFC for many years, will be pushing ahead Hamburg’s transition into a bike city by co-ordinating the activities of the Senate across municipal partners and authorities. “I am looking forward to my new job. Together, we will be working hard to make cycling in the city more attractive, more comfortable and an everyday way of mobility”, promised Kirsten Pfaue when commenting on her appointment.

Expansion of Cycle Route Network

In fact, the city is pursuing ambitious goals in terms of its reputation as a cycling city. In order to improve conditions for cyclists, the Hamburg Senate launched a “Cycling Action Plan”: http: // in 2008, implemented since then. In addition to an increase in the proportion of bicycle traffic, another key objective is the increase of safety by improving and expanding the network of cycle routes. Currently, Hamburg’s network of bicycle routes comprises 14 routes with a total length of 280 kilometres. The new routes will lead cyclist to less busy roads and better links the suburbs with Hamburg’s city centre.

StadtRAD Extension 2015

The city bike system StadtRAD Hamburg: // proc = index & f = 510 operated by Deutsche Bahn AG claims to be Germany’s most successful. In total StadtRAD runs 165 stations and approximately 1700 wheels in Hamburg (last update: July 2015). Still, the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) plans to expand the public bike system.

Bike Park at Central Station

In September the SPD and the Greens announced to submit a parliamentary request for a bicycle parking facility at Hamburg’s central station. In addition to parking lots, the bicycle garage will also feature a workshop and a rental service. “With a bicycle station at the main station, we want to make it easier for commuters to leave the car behind. Our proposal is a further step towards turning Hamburg into a cycling city”, says Martin Bill, transport spokesman of the Greens party of the Hamburg parliament.

Bicycle oases in the urban area

Cycling in Hamburg is particularly popular in the districts of Eppendorf and Eimsbüttel. In addition to numerous bike shelters, you will also find dedicated and original bicycle shops. Since the 1990s, neighbourhood bike sheds on public land have been a common sight. Build upon request, the private bicycle sheds can accommodate twelve bikes. They are equally financed by users anda grant from the respective district office.
One of the neighbourhoods most popular bike shops is Superfiets: // In the unobtrusive garage workshop in Eppendorf, old racing bikes are being revamped and sold to sports enthusiasts as trendsetters. “We see a development that is, of course, not at all unsympathetic to us: to rather revitalise an old bike that has proven its assets than buying a new bicycle with all the uncertainties linked to it. Our racing bikes meet the need for individuality”, says Jürgen Frese, founder of Superfiets.

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