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One Million Guests Visited Hamburg's Art Mile In 2015

Modernisation and construction activities by the museums strengthen the arts in Hamburg as a magnet for visitors. Combined ticket and hiking map available

Around one million visitors enjoyed the museums and exhibition halls of the Art Mile Hamburg in 2015. This number impressively confirms the importance of the union entered by the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Bucerius Kunst Forum, Deichtorhallen Hamburg with its two halls “Contemporary Art” and the “House of Photography”, and Kunstverein in Hamburg to form Northern Germany’s strongest museum association.

“By their extensive modernisation and construction activities, the five exhibition halls of the Hamburg Art Mile set visual signs of leading Hamburg as a city of art into an exciting future. We are very pleased that so many visitors have taken the opportunity to witness this at close,” rejoices Udo Goerke, managing director of the Hamburg Art Mile.

Exciting Highlights in 2016

The five museums will lure even more visitors to Hamburg by their exciting exhibition calendar. In April, Hamburg’s civic gallery Hamburg Kunsthalle will be celebrating the end of modernisation and extension works with the show “Manet. Painting the Gaze”. Édouard Manet is one of the truly groundbreaking pioneers of modern painting. The direct, often haunting gaze of the men and women he painted continues to fascinate and directly affect viewers until today. With major loans from international museums, the exhibition will showcasesthe masterful way in which Manet stages the gaze as a central feature of his art.

The newly renovated Deichtorhallen provide the framework for a new large-scale installation by Andreas Slominski in spring. Ini the House of Photography, Good Prospects will be on show from 4 March onwards, while the Hall of Contemporary Art will focus on “La Passione” in late April. At its Falckenberg Collection in Harburg, Deichtorhallen Hamburg will presenting the most comprehensive exhibition ever of works by American artist Raymond Pettibon (born 1957) from 28 February to 28 September.

The Museum of Arts and Crafts will continue its structural developments in 2016 and present German subculture of the 1980s in “Brilliant dilettantes”. Covering vanguard cities in West and East Germany, the focus will be on seven music bands as well as artists, filmmakers and designers of the early eighties.

The Bucerius Kunst Forum will start in the new year with one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Benefiting from high-profile loans, the exhibition “Picasso. Window to the World” will for the first time show the importance of the window as a motif in all phases of his work.

The Kunstverein Hamburg will host “Fluidity” and showcase fluids as defining feature of contemporary social realities for the first time against the backdrop of an art historical discussion, thus examining the dematerialization in conceptual art and its consequences.

Five Museums – One Ticket

The five leading art institutions are located all with walking distance, thus inviting visitors to surf from one art experience to the next along an inner city mile. Incorporating all media, techniques, and genres, they showcase contemporary and classic art in all facets: painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, crafts and design.
With a ticket valid for all galleries, a hiking map, a central website, and flags waving along the Hamburg Art Mile, the 1.8 km long stretch of culture draws attention to the density and the high quality of arts in the heart of Hamburg’s inner city. To explore it, buy the Art Miles Pass for just 36 euro and enjoy a full year of free and exciting art when at five leading galleries, including admission to temporary exhibitions.

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