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25 Years Hamburg Tourism Board

Successful tourism marketing for Hamburg. Some twelve million overnight stays by the end of 2014. 18 million nights forecast for 2020

For 25 years, the Hamburg Tourismus Board (HHT) has been promoting Hamburg internationally as an attractive tourist destination. On Friday, 12 December, HHT announced its latest figures of success From 3.8 million overnight stays in 1989 to an estimated twelve million overnight stays by the end of 2014, figures have almost tripled. Hamburg thus has not only successfully established itself as one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, but also the Hamburg Tourismus Board a public-private partnership.

New Era in Tourism

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, said: “The formation of the Hamburg Tourism Board 25 years ago launched a new era in Hamburg’s tourism marketing. Meanwhile, HHT developed into one of the industry’s most innovative players. With award-winning products such as Hamburg Card and ground-breaking marketing campaigns, HHT is an industy-inspiring example of contemporary tourism marketing. For a quarter of a century, the truly diverse and dynamic cross-sector industry tourism has been able to benefit from and rely on the competence of HHT – from innovative and precisely targeted campaign to attract guests to Hamburg to competence in marketing question and, finally, to its credibility as non-profit organisation. HHT always had the interests of the city and the tourism industry in mind.”

According to Horch, HHT is able to quadruple each euro granted for destination marketing by its close co-operation with service providers and its efficient marketing cycle. This success, Horch said, was not the goal of the enterprise model, but rather the result of optimal orientation to the customer and market orientation.

A City On The Move

The anniversary of Hamburg Tourism Board is representative of the entire tourism industry that truly revived the city by having become more professional. Every day, a strong network of industry representatives, suppliers, and partners from politics and administration is working in Hamburg to improve the quality of life and value creation and to attract millions of visitors from all over the world for our city”, said Dietrich von Albedyll, CEO of HHT since 1989. “Our guests experience a city on the move with great contradictions, a pulsating life, and yet a relaxed atmosphere, and honesty grown in the course of time. We have exciting years ahead of us” von Albedyll continued. By 2020, he said, 18 million overnight stays in Hamburg could be realistic.

Important Economic Factor

With 110 million MICE guests and overnight stays, six billion euro of sales, and 100,000 employees, Hamburg’s tourism industry is one of the city’s most important factors. Tourism supports the internationalisation of Hamburg and has become an increasingly important soft locational factor for businesses. Many cultural offers and numerous services are only made possible by tourists and business travellers coming to Hamburg.

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The Hamburg Tourism Board

The Hamburg Tourism Board (HHT) was founded in 1989 under the name of Tourismus-Zentrale Hamburg. As innovative destination management organisation, HHT is responsible for the promotion of Hamburg as attractive tourist destination on the domestic and international markets. With a market and target group-specific orientation, HHT is the interface between Hamburg’s tourism industry, the global travel industry and international marketing initiatives, including, inter alia, the German National Tourist Board, the registered association Magics Cities e.V., and the registered association German Coastline e.V.

International visitors find all relevant information at HHT’s multi-language website “”:, the tourism platform with the highest reach.
(source: HHT)

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