Social Media en <a href="/en/congresses-events/year-news-strengthen-democracy" hreflang="en">"Year of News" to strengthen democracy</a> Ministry of Culture and Media and dpa to launch #Use the News action plan in 2024 <a href="/en/congresses-events/scoopcamp-2023-highlight-journalism-future" hreflang="en">Scoopcamp 2023 to highlight journalism of the future</a> Innovation Conference for Media and Digital Industries gets underway on September 14 <a href="/en/innovation-science/watch-out-kai-virtual-influencer-linkedin" hreflang="en">Watch out for KAI, the virtual influencer, on Linkedin</a> nextMedia.Hamburg's avatar, KAI post weekly AI news and applications on Linkedin <a href="/en/innovation-science/new-year-holds-seven-key-trends-media-and-content" hreflang="en">New Year holds seven key trends for media and content</a> Experts share their predictions for content industry in 2023 <a href="/en/congresses-events/hamburg-gearing-mind-progress-2022" hreflang="en">Hamburg gearing up for "Mind the Progress" 2022 </a> Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft to host congress on influences of digitalisation <a href="/en/congresses-events/hamburg-gearing-omr-festival" hreflang="en">Hamburg gearing up for OMR Festival</a> Record visitor numbers may literally bring down the house, says Philipp Westermeyer <a href="/index.php/en/innovation-science/omr-festival-go-ahead-may-17th-and-18th-after-two-year-break" hreflang="en">OMR festival to go ahead on May 17th and 18th after two-year break</a> Over 60,000 visitors expected at meeting of digital business and marketing scene <a href="/index.php/en/innovation-science/new-fund-promote-media-competence-among-hamburg-residents" hreflang="en">New fund to promote media competence among Hamburg residents</a> Hamburg's schools authority to boost media education for children, youths and adults - apply now <a href="/en/innovation-science/four-trends-predicted-media-and-digital-industry-year" hreflang="en">Four trends predicted in media and digital industry this year</a> Glimpse of key technologies, innovations and developments in content industry <a href="/en/congresses-events/beyond-platforms-gives-glimpses-future-media-landscape" hreflang="en">Beyond Platforms gives glimpses of future media landscape</a> Conference on November 17-18 in Hamburg seeks new approaches to improved media public sphere