Retail en <a href="/index.php/en/location/record-volume-austrian-goods-handled-port-hamburg" hreflang="en"> Record volume of Austrian goods handled in Port of Hamburg</a> 12 per cent increase - throughput of 6.3 million tonnes <a href="/index.php/en/location/record-imports-hamburg-2022" hreflang="en">Record imports into Hamburg in 2022</a> Goods worth EUR 80.8 billion imported <a href="/index.php/en/location/residents-hamburg-spend-less-christmas-gifts" hreflang="en">Residents of Hamburg to spend less on Christmas gifts</a> Lower budgets than previously, survey finds - stationary retail remains popular <a href="/index.php/en/location/hamburg-now-key-transhipment-point-and-overseer-eus-wine-imports" hreflang="en">Hamburg now key transhipment point and overseer of EU's wine imports </a> Customs and Institute for Hygiene tracking down fraudulent wine to protect consumers <a href="/index.php/en/location/hamburg-tops-relaunch-fund-boost-retail" hreflang="en">Hamburg tops up "Relaunch Fund" to boost retail</a> Increase of EUR 500,000 to make city centre and suburbs more attractive <a href="/index.php/en/location/record-tea-consumption-2020" hreflang="en">Record tea consumption in 2020 </a> Boost for Hamburg as hub of European tea trade - who are the world champion tea drinkers <a href="/index.php/en/location/residents-hamburg-spend-big-christmas" hreflang="en">Residents of Hamburg to spend big this Christmas</a> Record expenditure planned, survey finds - shopping in stationary retailers trending <a href="/index.php/en/location/port-hamburgs-half-year-results-reveal-ongoing-upward-trend" hreflang="en">Port of Hamburg's half-year results reveal ongoing upward trend </a> Positive throughput in port after pandemic-induced downturn - record container traffic by rail, more large ship calls <a href="/en/companies/wir-liefernorg-creating-virtual-shopping-zones-internet" hreflang="en">"" creating virtual shopping zones on internet</a> <p><span lang="EN-GB" xml:lang="EN-GB" xml:lang="EN-GB">Small retailers without their own website or any other online presence are now gaining digital access to customers thanks to the <a href=""></a> online platform. Launched in 2020 by Christian Hasselbring, Mirjam Müller and Thomas Reichert, the platform raises the visibility of small stores and may...</span></p> <a href="/index.php/en/location/renewed-corona-lockdown-forces-closure-shops-and-eateries" hreflang="en">Renewed corona lockdown forces closure of shops and eateries </a> Hamburg's protective shield to remain in place - most shops to close from December 16