Innovation en <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/govtech-campus-emerging-hamburgs-administration" hreflang="en">GovTech Campus emerging for Hamburg's administration </a> City and Dataport digitizing administration and contacts to innovators and start-ups <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/green-offshore-tech-announces-second-call-proposals" hreflang="en">Green Offshore Tech announces second call for proposals</a> Grants of EUR 60,000 maximum for SMEs <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/update-hamburg-2022-advancing-social-innovations" hreflang="en">"Update Hamburg 2022“ advancing social innovations</a> Ministry of Economics to fund 18 projects with a maximum of EUR 100,000 each <a href="/en/standort/homeport-now-testing-ground-forward-looking-maritime-technology" hreflang="en">Homeport now testing ground for forward-looking maritime technology</a> SERIES (7): Innovation campus for experimenting with drones, driverless vehicles, VR or digital twin technology <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/eur-2085-million-german-space-agency-quantum-computer-contracts" hreflang="en">EUR 208.5 million in German Space Agency quantum computer contracts </a> Hamburg to become "capital of quantum computing" - DLR Innovation Centre to develop first quantum computer <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/update-hamburg-2022-providing-eur-15-million-social-innovations" hreflang="en">"Update Hamburg 2022" providing EUR 1.5 million for social innovations</a> Deadline for applications in late October 2022 <a href="/en/innovation-wissenschaft/hamburg-2040-award-desys-research-centre" hreflang="en">"Hamburg 2040" award for DESY's research centre</a> Application-orientated technology research boosting Hamburg’s innovative power <a href="/en/companies/first-company-hamburg-opens-organic-canteen" hreflang="en">First company in Hamburg opens organic canteen</a> Allianz Trade's restaurant now offering only organically grown food - city offering consulting services to encourage conversions <a href="/en/innovation-science/fab-city-hamburg-presents-winners-product-ideas-contest" hreflang="en">Fab City Hamburg presents winners of product ideas contest</a> Winners of "Maker Challenge" include wastewater heat exchangers and stair-climbing wheelchairs <a href="/en/innovation-science/promoting-ideas-and-gender-equality-digital-sphere" hreflang="en">Promoting ideas and gender equality in digital sphere</a> <p>Online applications are now being accepted for this year's' <a href="">"Innovation in Digital Equality Award" (IDEA) </a>until the deadline of August 24, 2022. Launched by the senate, the award honours innovations and ideas that use digitalisation to create more equal opportunities across the Hamburg Metropolitan...</p>