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Die drei Nordantech-Gründer: Christian Kuhs, Dr. Jonas Steeger und Arne Brenneisen © Nordantech

Nordantech aiming to strengthen Hamburg branch

Ambitious founders to present project tool as part of Hamburg's delegation in Austin

The Hamburg-based Nordantech start-up is bringing its intelligent Falcon project management tool to the upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) digital and creative festival in Austin, Texas. The pitch in Hamburg’s betahaus by Christian Kuhs saw them triumph over four other finalists in late January. Their win includes tickets, flights and accommodation in Texas during the 31st SXSW underway from March 9-18, 2018.

Founded by Dr. Jonas Steeger, Arne Brenneisen and Kuhs in 2016, the company develops the web-based Falcon project management tool for large B2B projects. Nordantech’s intelligent software also learns as the project proceeds and the company now counts consultancies among it’s clients. Nordantech will be taking part in SXSW for the first time and has big plans.

“Falcon” dedicated to change processes

Nordantech’s software tackles the challenges of transformation processes and closes a gap in the market by tidying up complex processes related to corporate divisions and change processes. The programme basically pulls the strings together and shows users when to do what. A hierarchic structure shows tasks and responsibilities and a traffic light system highlights content and status. The latest version of the tool is available to users as software-as-a-service at any time.

Developing self-learning AI

Steeger, aka Dr. Data, is responsible for data-science, Brenneisen is the chief developer and Kuhs takes charge of business development. The ten-strong Nordantech team is now bringing Falcon to within reach. Using machine learning, Nordantech is keen to develop artificial intelligence and feed it with project data. The tool will then proactively suggest ways of improving transformation projects.

To this end, these bright sparks are keen to contact data-scientists and artificial intelligence experts at SXSW and bring new developers on board. Steeger said: “Our goal in Austin is to make contacts and create conditions for more growth. Paying customers and different prizes from diverse founders’ competitions and Hamburg’s InnoRampUp funding programme have put us on a good, financial footing. But we want to expand our team and are interested in contact to investors.

Proud of roots in north

Asked by Hamburg News about northern pride, Deike Maria Flemming, Communications Manager at Nordantech, said: “We are proud of our roots in the north and view Hamburg as the ‘Gate to the World’. Now, we are going through that gate and heading to Austin to make contact with venture capital investors, other data scientists and software developers. We will bring these contacts back to Hamburg to strengthen our location. We develop our software and artificial intelligence locally and only here as we really value the infrastructure. It’s great to find supportive networks like Hamburg Startups here at home.”

Displaying flexible process and setting up desks

Brenneisen is currently working on a new feature that will allow Falcon to display agile processes. Desks for new staff are also being set up in the Hamburg office. And Nordantech is gearing up for even more excitement this year after being nominated for the Deutsche Gründerpreis 2018. The jury has ranked the company among the top 30. The winners will be announced in September.

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