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Five food trends at SXSW

Artificial intelligence going from gene technology to meat substitutes

The South by Southwest creative festival underway in Austin, Texas from March 9-18, 2018 is enormously important for the global start-up scene and is also known for it’s music events. Food is also high on the agenda at this year’s festival. The following are five, key food trends:

From artificial intelligence to gene technology

Hardly any sector has been left untouched by the digital era. Now plans are being laid to use artificial intelligence, robots and drones in agriculture in future. FarmView is a multidisciplinary research project to develop AI technologies that will improve plant breeding and crop management through automated decision tools.

Several keynotes at SXSW will highlight the pros and cons of gene technology. At the centre of events are issues such as how gene editing can level the playing field to transform our food system, empower a robust community of innovators to tap the natural genetic diversity of plants and develop more nutrient-dense crops and scale local indoor agriculture. Managing diseases using fewer pesticides and more efficient use of natural resources is another issue.

Food Innovation Camp in Hamburg

All those who are not heading to SXSW can look forward to the 2nd Food Innovation Camp on July 2, 2018 in the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg held by Hamburg Startups and the Gastgewerbe-Magazin. The event aims to attract innovative start-ups in the food and beverage sector, food-technology, logistics and the hospitality sectors as exhibitors and/or guests.

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