"Made it in Hamburg“ highlights successful content stories

nextMedia.Hamburg eyes Carlsen Verlag and Musicube
25 November 2022
Team meeting in creative company

A campaign by nextMedia.Hamburg entitled "Made it in Hamburg" has presented two more success stories and shines the spotlight on Pixi books by Carlsen Publishing and artificial music intelligence by the Musicube start-up. Three other content companies were showcased earlier in summer. These latest stories can be found on the campaign's interactive website or in video interviews. Emphasis is on Hamburg's role as a media centre in their success.

New Work paving way towards future 

Carlsen Verlag is now a cutting-edge publishing house in Altona, run by the publisher Renate Herre, and Joachim Kaufman, Managing Director, who give insight into new technologies and their work structures. Carlsen is gearing up for the future with New Work, using well-known brands such as Pixi, Conni and Petzi and carrying out innovation projects with local tech companies and start-ups. The importance of Hamburg for the publishing sector and Carlsen's success is outlined as well as opportunities emerging from interaction with the local content industry.

Funding for Musicube

Musicube is essentially a company that uses artificial intelligence to catalogue music at the interface of content and technology. The start-up helps companies across the industry to offer users improved search functions. The founders, Agnes Chung and David Hoger, also want to facilitate a targeted selection of music for advertising. This success story reveals the company's links to Hamburg as a media centre. The start-up was originally backed by nextMedia.Hamburg as part of the Media and Tech Incubator Media Lift, while contacts to funding institutions helped to generate even more support and to eventually bring an investor on board.



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