Hermes aiming for zero-emission deliveries across Hamburg

240 e-transporters, five cargo bikes for deliveries from late 2023 – expansion of charging infrastructure planned
07 July 2022
Hermes' e-transporters

The Hermes logistics company is aiming for zero-emission deliveries throughout Hamburg from late 2023 and is expanding its charging infrastructure for electric vans and bringing the number of e-transporters from 49 to over 240. The company will also deploy five cargo bikes for deliveries.

New hub for e-transporters

Construction of a new e-mobility hub in Billstedt is set to begin in July and will become Hermes' second such basis. Several delivery bases near Hamburg will go electric to reach outlying districts with e-transporters. All of Hermes' vans and those of its partners will be charged only with green electricity in future. "Only then can we really talk about zero-emission transport of shipments," said Olaf Schabirosky, CEO of Hermes Germany. 

Tailwind for Hamburg's climate protection targets

Once all the measures have been completed, Hermes aims to deliver up to 12 million shipments per year exclusively electrically from late 2023 and save 1,400 tons of CO2 annually. "We are aware that this plan is ambitious. Nevertheless, we are determined to follow this path and deliver emission-free only in Hamburg by the end of next year."

Hermes' plans are in line with the senate's goals and highlight Hamburg's pioneering role in sustainable mobility solutions, according to Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport. "We can only achieve our climate protection targets by rethinking mobility sustainably and by reducing the mileage of combustion vehicles in daily traffic."  The city, society and business must drive forward the mobility transition together. "The project by Hermes Germany  shows how this can be done and that the mobility transition, climate protection and economic performance can go hand in hand," he pointed out.