19 companies receive "Hamburg Family Seal 2022"

400 award-winners since 2007 - initiative by "Hamburg Alliance for Families" fosters family-friendly companies
10 November 2022
Familie beobachtet einlaufende Schiffe am Hamburger Hafen

The 15th Hamburg Family Seal was presented Wednesday (November 2, 2022) to 19 SMEs to honour efforts to improve the work-life balance. Family-friendly policies benefit in particular young families and employees who care for a family member. Around 400 SMEs with 40,000 employees have received the Hamburg Family Seal, presented by the "Hamburg Alliance for Families" since 2007.

Innovative solutions 

"When a company takes the needs of its employees into consideration and offers novel solutions, they are more satisfied and motivated and remain loyal to their company for longer," said Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Social Affairs.  Employees who care for a relative are to receive more support in future. "Companies should offer fathers more incentives which would ease the sharing of family work," Leonhard added.

Countering lack of skilled workers with family-friendly policies 

Launched in 2004 by the senate, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts, the "Hamburg Alliance for Families" aims to to make Hamburg a family-friendlier city. Family-friendly working conditions are crucial to alleviating the shortage of skilled workers, Prof. Norbert Aust, President of the Chamber of Commerce stressed, adding: "By 2035, we will have a shortage of 133,000 skilled workers in Hamburg, if we do not take countermeasures."