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Newslets October 2013

New Aurubis smelter // Beiersdorf: solid growth // Nordex record // HHLA: 100 new jobs // Stage School-Umzug // 15 new hybrid busses // Best pupil-teacher quota // Gardening extravaganza

New Aurubis smelter

Hamburg-based Aurubis AH, Europe‘s largest copper smelter and the world‘s biggest copper recycler, started operations of a new smelter, extracting precious metals from anode sludge. Investments into the world‘s largest smelter of its kind amounted to more than 50 million euro. 30 per cent of funds were invested into environmental protection. 25 new staff were hired for the new plant.


Beiersdorf: solid growth

In the first half of 2013, Beiersdorf continued to progress well with strong sales growth in both business segments, i.e. consumer (+6.5 per cent) and tesa (+7,4 per cent). Group sales rose by 6.6 per cent. The operating result (EBIT) increased by 11.2 per cent to 434 million euro. representing a significantly improved EBIT margin of 13.7 per cent (previous year: 12.7 per cent). Consolidated after-tax profit rose to 287 million euro.


Nordex record

The wind turbines manufactured by Hamburg-based Nordex are more in demand than ever, this orders rocketing by 61 per cent to 839,4 million euro in the first six months of 2013. Order volumes rose to a record sum of 1.3 billion euro. Options account for another one billion euro. Benefitting from excellent sales in Europe, revenues increased by 57 per cent to 661 million euro.


HHLA: 100 new jobs

In the first half of 2013, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) increased its container throughput by 6.8 per cent to 3.8 million standard containers (TEU). Volumes handled in the iIntermodal segment rose by 21.8 per cent to 581 thousand TEU. 100 new employees are thus being recruited for the two HHLA terminals Burchardkai and Altenwerder In Hamburg, HHLA employs 3,800 people, 1,500 of them at both terminals.


Stage School-Umzug

Founded nearly 30 years ago, the Hamburg-based Stage School has developed into Germany‘s leading school for singing, acting and dance. For the start of the new term, the prestiguous private school moved to new premises at Altona, with 27 classrooms covering 4,000 sq m on three floors. Youngster aged 13 and older can prepare themselves for the tough admission test at the “Young Talents“ workshop. Famous graduates include the actors Anna Loos and Ralf Bauer.


15 new hybrid busses

“Green“ buses have been integral to the fleet of Hamburger Hochbahn AG for years. Now the eco-friendly and resource-conserving bus fleet continues to grow, with 15 diesel-electric hybrid buses being operated by Hochbahn‘s affiliates Jasper and Süderelbe Bus GmbH in the south of Hamburg. In total, Hochbahn‘s green fleet currently comprises four fuel cell hybrid buses, five serial diesel-electric hybrid buses, two XXL hybrid buses and twelve parallel diesel-electric hybrid buses.


Best pupil-teacher quota

Shortage of teachers is a foreign word in Hamburg. In the Elbe city, the 221,186 peoples attending the city-state‘s 384 pupils are being taught by 19,000 teacher. With statistically one teacher taking care of the education of 11.9 children, Hamburg offers the best pupil-teacher quota in national comparison. Class size is limited to 23 children, in social hotspots to 19 kids.


Gardening extravaganza

Chelsea may be done and dusted in its centenary year, but Hamburg‘s igs 2013 h has still more time to go in its six-month run. On a 250-acre island site in the Elbe river, the garden show of seven worlds, ranging from the “World of Ports” to the “World of Nature”, is a “must-see” for anyone with green fingers.