Hamburg ministry boosting work-life balance for staff

Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation allowing private package deliveries at work

Hamburg’s Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation has recently allowed private package deliveries at work to improve the work-life balance for staff. Until now, most parcels have been delivered to recipients when they are not at home, but in the office. This creates more traffic and higher CO2 emissions. Pakadoo logistics has come up with a free service allowing people to receive and return parcels at work.

LGI, a contract logistics provider, set up Pakadoo in mid 2015 and now has over 150 delivery points including the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation which was added in February. So far one-third of staff at the ministry have availed of the service. Frank Horch, Senator of Economics, Transport and Innovation, said: “Last mile deliveries are very cost intensive for service providers and put a burden on traffic. Pakadoo’s offer helps ease both situations and has another bonus as staff no longer have to walk all over the city after work to pick up a parcel.”

Intelligent logistics reduce costs of deliveries

The ministry has established a “Pakadoo point” where deliveries are received on behalf of employees. Pakadoo uses an app to manage inbound and outbound processes. The member of staff receives an email with a code when a parcel arrives and picks it up from the Pakadoo point. Pakadoo hopes to have 500 delivery points in companies by late 2017. So far only 3 per cent of parcels have been delivered to workplaces. Pooling parcel deliveries rather than individual delivery would reduce costs. Some online dealers such as Amazon have already integrated Pakadoo into their ordering procedure.

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