Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Wind Energy: Quintessential to Energy Transition

Northern German heads of state demand the federal government to push ahead the implementation of wind power

The expansion of renewable energies is one of the main challenges of the future, an assessment shared by the government of the northern German states, the employers’ association Nordmetall, the trade union IG Metall Coast, and representatives of the wind power industry.

Wismar Appeal by the North German States and Businesses

For this reason, they jointly signed the “Wismar Appeal” on 25 January 2016. Their appeal demands the expansion of wind power on land and at sea, and is calling for changes in the planned reform of the law on renewable energies (EEG 2016). The 2025 target of a 40 to 45 per cent share of renewables in the energy mix should not be regarded as a “maximum limit”, says the paper. The paper also demands two to three offshore wind farms per decade to be set up in the North and Baltic Sea and connected to the grid.

Essential for the Security of Energy Supply

At the meeting in Wismar, Hamburg’s Mayor Olaf Scholz said: “The wind energy sector in Hamburg and throughout the north has become indispensable for a secure energy supply in Germany. The industry sets standards worldwide. Thus, the investment in the wind power generation, particularly in offshore wind farms, is well worth it. We still need a stable and reliable environment. “

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, commented on the commitment of the North in implementing the energy turnaround: “Innovative solutions and outstanding commitment are required for the century project of the energy revolution. Thus, they should be in the interest of the Federal Government and not be slowed down.”

NEW 4.0 – Project Initiative from Industry, Science and Politics

Selected by the Federal Ministry of Economics as a nationwide showcase, the NEW 4.0 project will demonstrate the opportunities brought along by the energy transition and show how a large region can be with many different centres of consumption can be provided with renewable energy 100 per cent safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound. With the reference project, the German north shows how the energy transition will succeed with the help of wind power.

Powerful Innovation Alliance

More than 60 partners from all sectors of the region as well as regional partners form a well-connected and powerful innovation alliance for the century project of the energy revolution. It partners boast all necessary skills and potential solutions to see the energy revolution succeed in the north. With approximately 40,000 employees in roughly 700 companies of the renewable energy sector, the model region has a unique impact and importance in the energy transition.

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