Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Universities in Hamburg continue collaboration in EFH

Combined expertise of Energieforschungsverbund Hamburg (EFH) helps achieve sustainable energy supply

Funding for collaboration between five universities in the Energieforschungsverbund Hamburg (EFH), set up by the senate in 2013, will continue, Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science and Research announced Tuesday (January 17). She noted: “The energy research association is a good example of how universities help find solutions to problems and challenges facing society.” EFH researches the effects of climate change and restructuring energy supply.

Closer co-operation with commerce

The EFH includes the University of Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences (HAW), the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, the Helmut-Schmidt University of the German Federal Army (HSU) and the HafenCity University Hamburg. They pool their diverse skills in energy research and obtain third party funding. As an interface between universities and commerce, EFH co-ordinates potential research themes, finds partners and brings them together to promote innovative products and boost sustainable economic growth in Hamburg.

Using Hamburg’s innovation potential

The EFH is being continued against the backdrop of the senate’s aim to make Hamburg a leading centre of renewable energies in Germany and to boost technology transfer in the sector. The aim is to create ideal framework conditions and to use Hamburg’s potential for innovation in energy transition and make it a pioneer of wind energy in north Germany. To this end, EFH is also co-operating with the Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg (EEHH).

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