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Students present electro-speedster

TUHH in pole position with “egn15”, the team’s fourth purely electric vehicle.

The Formula Student Team e-gnition at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) presented its new racecar, egn15, at the Prototyp car museum to the public in Hamburg on Thursday. Senator Jens Kerstan, Minister for the Environment and Energy in Hamburg, TUHH Vice President for Research Andreas Timm-Giel, and Lars Reger, Technical Director Automotive at NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH attended the presentation.

Research and tuition joining forces

The egn15 racer was independently designed and developed by TUHH students and is the team’s fourth purely electric vehicle. Production is a joint effort with partners from the commercial and research sectors. The TUHH Vice President of Research, Professor Andreas Timm-Giel, congratulated the team: “The implementation of this race car is an outstanding feat of engineering, in both technical and organisational terms. e-gnition is a very good example of research and tuition joining forces. This was made possible by effective cooperation, enthusiasm, the thirst for knowledge, design passion, and a healthy serving of ambition.”

Contact with the engineering team

The egn15 is lighter, easier to maintain, and the first racer with aerodynamic components such as the front and rear wings. This delivers a speed advantage. The airflow around the wing profile creates a pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the wings, pressing the egn15 more firmly onto the track and making it faster. The electro-racer produces 85kW of power and reaches speeds of up to 120 km/h. For the first time, it is also fitted with communications equipment to allow real-time exchange of information between the vehicle and the engineering team during the race.

Environmentally friendly mobility

The same technology is currently being tested in the Port of Hamburg to guide trucks through the heavy traffic more efficiently and with less CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, the speedster is ready for this year’s big race at the Hockenheim Ring track. Senator Jens Kerstan commented that “Environmentally friendly mobility and climate protection together represent a major challenge, especially for Hamburg. By adaptation of traffic and energy systems combined with resource-friendly production and development, we can achieve a great deal for the environment and for quality of life. The students at TUHH are great ambassadors for this approach.”

About the project

The Formula Student project started in the USA in the 1980s, making its way to Europe in the nineties. The aim is to bring together the theory and practice of an engineering career. There are now more than 500 teams worldwide, putting their performance to the test in competitions on every continent on the globe. NXP Semiconductors is the main sponsor of the 50-person TUHH team, with more than 60 other companies from the Hamburg region also providing their support.

The Formula Student project stands for practise-based cooperation between universities and commercial enterprise. The egn15 race car, independently designed and developed by TUHH students, is the team’s fourth purely electric vehicle.

Source and further information:
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