Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
N117/2400 Gamma (2,4 MW) Windenergieanlage © Nordex SE

Nordex sets up world's highest wind turbine

230 metre-high N131/3300 to use windier air layers

The Hamburg-based Nordex has set up the world’s highest wind turbine in Hausbay, in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the company announced Wednesday (June 28th). The hub height of 164 metres and a rotor length of 65.5 metres will give the N131/3300 wind power system an overall height of slightly under 230 metres. The Hausbay-Bickenbach wind park lies around 100 kilometres west of Frankfurt am Main and has been developed by Kreuzberger & Spengler Regenerative Energie from Dunningen-Seedorf.

Plenty of experience

The 164-metre hybrid tower consists of a 100-metre concrete tower and two tubular steel tower segments. During the past few years, the design has been used for over 500 Nordex N117 and N131 wind power systems with a total of height of up to 200 metres. This enhanced version combines considerable practical experience.

Suitable for non-coastal regions

The total height of slightly under 230 metres and a lower blade tip height of 100 metres will allow the N131/3300 to use higher air layers with a greater yield and increase the annual output. It is exposed to less turbulence in hilly and forested areas. The turbine has been designed especially for low-wind regions with annual average wind speeds of up to 7.5 m/s.

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