Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Transport von Rotorblättern für Offshore Windparks © Jörg Böthling/EEHH GmbH

Nominations for the German Renewables Award

Winners of the highly renowned industry award to be announced at WindEnergy Hamburg 2014.

From the analysis for the optimisation of transport systems for offshore wind farms to integrated battery storage for wind turbines: the 61 applications for the German Renewables Award in 2014 convinced the jury by an enormous width of topics and an outstandingly high quality. This was thus quite a challenge for the independent jury to nominate three persons or projects in the categories “Product Innovation of the Year”, “Project of the Year” and “student work of the year in wind energy”.

Winners to be announced at the fair

All winners, including the winner of the category “lifetime achievement in wind energy” will be announced on 23 September by the Renewable Energy cluster Hamburg (EEHH) at WindEnergy Hamburg’s exhibitor party “The Blue“ in Hamburg’s heritage fish auction hall.

“This year, we were surprised by the high quality and the number of applications. Many applications had a clear focus on the optimal integration of renewable energies in the overall energy system, “Jan Rispens, CEO of EEHH.

“Product Innovation of the Year”

The world’s first floating cogeneration – the LNG Hybrid Barge – was developed by Becker Marine Systems in co-operation with Aida Cruises. Qreon introduced a wind turbine with integrated battery storage system on the market. The patented FGH high-voltage ride-through test system is used for testing wind turbines. Overall, nine companies competed this year in the category “Product Innovation of the Year”.

“Project of the Year”

SunStrom entered the contest with one of the first affordable energy self-sufficient houses in Germany. EWE competed with “Riffgat”, the first commercial wind farm in the German North Sea, which was built in only 14 months and will provide clean energy to approx. 120,000 households. In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Inti developed a non-contact system for the energy supply of electric vehicles. In the section “Project of the Year”, there were 18 applications this year.

“Student work of the year in wind energy”.

Jenny Bunger of RWTH Aachen conducted by order of FGH an analysis on voltage for the power grid during normal operation and in case of mains failure. A preliminary study on the development of a rotor blade in hollow-wood construction was done by Rasmus Borrmann of FH Flensburg. Models of maritime transport concepts for routing and scheduling in the operation of offshore wind farms were developed by Christian Herrmann, TU Berlin, in his thesis for EBMS. In total, six students applied this year for distinction in the “student work of the year in wind energy” category.

“Lifetime achievements in wind energy”

From managers to officials in industry clusters and engineers at home and abroad ranged the 28 proposals in the “lifetime achievements in wind energy” category. In total, the EEHH cluster received 61 applications for the four categories of the German Renewables Award.

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The EEHH “Renewable Energy Hamburg cluster was set up in 2010 to strengthen the booming sector and to promote co-operations. The network strives to pool the wide-ranging skills among companies, research facilities and institutions. It also provides a platform for dialogue among its members, and promotes contacts an co-operations with sectors, such as logistics. Today, the cluster comprises 180 members. The independent jury of the German Renewables Award consists of eight experts from science and industry.

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