Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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New ways of participating in energy transition

Hamburg to get network advisory council for administration. Aims to boost involvement

A network advisory council is Hamburg’s latest attempt to open up new paths in energy policy. The committee is to include representatives of environmental associations and initiatives, chambers, commerce, trade unions, science and citizens’ factions who will advise Hamburg’s administration and be informed by the council.

People’s wish

Hamburg’s Environment Senator Jens Kerstan said: “The people voted in September 2013 to buy back the energy network and voted for democratic control. We are now setting up an advisory council to incorporate the expertise of professionals, initiatives and commerce.” This new path could be a model throughout Germany. He added: “Implementing the energy transition is such a central project and all the key figures could become involved. We are fulfilling the people’s wish to include the important groups regularly and permanently.”

Public meetings

Setting up a joint council for all grid companies and establishing it in the energy authority should make it possible to debate overlapping energy-political issues in the council. The aim is for the council to play an accompanying advisory role on a decision about a successor for the coal-fired thermal power station in Wedel. The council will meet publicly and people can ask questions about their issues during a question and answer session or in writing.

Sources and further information:
State Ministry for Environment and Energy


The referendum in September 2013 links the buyback of energy networks with the aim of a socially-just, climate compatible and democratically-controlled energy supply from renewables. After the referendum, the committee on the environment in Hamburg’s parliament conferred with representatives of environmental associations, commerce and workers’ spokespersons, who had been appointed as respondents in the meetings. Setting up the energy advisory council links up to this advisory process. (Source: Hamburg Environment Ministry)

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