Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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New hybrid buses on test in Hamburg

Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HHA) is pushing ahead green mobility by ordering three Volvo Electric hybrid. The plug-in technology enables fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 75 per cent and total energy consumption to be reduced by 60 per cent. The electric hybrids will enter into traffic in Hamburg towards the end of the year. Hamburger Hochbahn AG has for years been a successful and important partner of science and manufacturers in the field of ‘innovative drive technologies’.

From witness to driving force

“The goal is clear: from 2020, we will only order buses with pollutant-free drives. That is ambitious, and we have therefore decided to participate even more intensively in the development of innovative drives. In entering into this development partnership we will now move from being an observer to being the driving force in the field of battery bus technology as well”, said HOCHBAHN chairman Günter Elste at the signing of the agreement in Hamburg.

Up to 10 km on electricity only

The new buses are diesel-electric hybrid buses that can travel up to 10 km using only electricity. The plug-in technology enables the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide by up to 75 per cent compared with current diesel buses. Charging stations at the respective termini of the routes provide for the necessary recharging. The required infrastructure at the termini will be developed and realised by Siemens, technical partner in the project.

Volvo Buses has previously signed agreements regarding the implementation of electric hybrid buses or full electric buses with the cities of Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Montreal and Stockholm.

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On Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Founded in 1911, the Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HHA) transports with its fleet of 210 underground trains and 720 passenger some 1.2 million passengers each day. HHA employs around 4,400 staff.
(source: Hamburger Hochbahn AG)

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