Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
X Energy Paula Markert Wärmepumpe © HAW Hamburg/Paula Markert

New co-operation to boost north German energy industry

CC4E and German Energy and Water Industries now collaborating

A new collaboration between the Competence Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) and the German Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) has been in operation since Tuesday (April 17, 2018) to boost energy research in the long-term and to strengthen the north German energy industry.

Exchange between science and experience

As part of the collaboration, CC4E will inform BDEW about research projects that have added value for the work of BDEW’s member companies. BDEW will in return give CC4E information about companies practical work that can be considered in research and teaching. Additionally, the co-operation will also function as a platform for arranging research projects and creating career prospects in the energy industry.

Ten years of research

Founded in 2008, CC4E is a centrally positioned unit that supports all activities in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and strives to successfully navigate the switch to sustainable energy successfully, safely and cost efficiently. In 2015, HAW founded the flagship “Energy Campus project, followed by the Curslack farm, the NEW 4.0, X-Energy and began co-operating with the Fraunhofer Institute.

CC4E places special emphasis on issues related to market regulation, system integration and storage as it celebrates it’s tenth anniversary in 2018. Other events this year include a roadshow featuring the NEW 4.0 project from early summer.

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