Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Neuer Carsharing-Anbieter mit 150 Hybrid-Fahrzeugen gestartet © Miles Mobility

New car sharing provider launches with 150 hybrids

Hybrid fleet includes 125 cars and 25 vans - billing per kilometre

The Berlin-based start-up Miles Mobility launched Thursday (November 1, 2018) in Hamburg and is now offering car-sharing clients 150 environment-friendly hybrid vehicles including 125 cars and 25 vans with combustion engines. The offers are based on a free-floating model. Cars can be parked anywhere in Hamburg’s commercial district. Billing per kilometre rather than per minute is the company’s unique selling point.

Most attractive car sharing cities

Timo Nührich, CEO of Miles Mobility, said: “Hamburg is young and hip and, together with Berlin, is one of the most attractive car sharing cities in Germany. It is a logical step for us to come here. Unfortunately, there are traffic jams and overcrowded streets here as well… a problem that we want to solve with our concept for more safety and less stress in traffic. Ultimately, it’s all about making a city (already) worth living in even more worth living in.”

Free-floating model

The hybrid fleet in Hamburg consists of 100 Toyota Yaris, 25 Toyota C-HR, 25 VW transporters (20 VW T6 and five VW Crafter), which can be rented and parked throughout the business district and independent of stations. The expansion to Hamburg is part of rebranding as the company was previously called drive by mobility.

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