Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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New 4.0 energy project to start in December with 60 partners

Around EUR 90 million to be invested by 2020. Around 100 projects emerge after three-year preparation

A new initiative called NEW 4.0 (Norddeutsche EnergieWende 4.0) has been launched in late September by commerce, science and politics Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein to realize cross-state, sustainable energy supply project from December 1st and make the entire region future-orientated.

Around 60 partners have formed the “Innovation Alliance for the Project of the Century – the Energy Transition” and have pooled technological know-how with the backing of both states. Jens Kerstan, Hamburg’s Senator for the Environment, said: “North Germany is taking a big step towards a future without coal and nuclear energy.”

General rehearsal for energy transition

The partners will invest around EUR 90 million over the next four years. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) is putting around EUR 44 million toward the project. The overall strategy includes 100 individual projects and 30 demonstrators that have been developed in a three-year preparation phase.

NEW 4.0 to demonstrate feasibility

North Germany has a growing number of onshore and offshore wind farms in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg is an industrial region with many large energy consumers. NEW 4.0 will link up both states and aims to show Germany and Europe the feasibility of the energy transition. NEW 4.0 will illustrate how a region with 4.5 million residents can be supplied with totally secure, affordable, environment-friendly and socially acceptable regenerative energy by 2035 and reduce CO2 emissions by 50 – 70 per cent in the process.

From electricity transition to energy transition

The region is to be supplied with up to 70 per cent regenerative electricity by 2025. Renewable electricity is to be gradually used for heat supply and industrial processes and replace energy and gas. The aim is to turn the “electricity transition” into an “energy transition” in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg.

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