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Modern Standards at Hamburg's Bike + Ride Stations

Senate plans charging options for e-bikes and lockers at bike parking spaces. First facility officially inaugurated

Agreed in January, the implementation of 12,000 additional bicycle parking lots at 133 B + R facilities next to Hamburg’s public transport system with rapid rail and metro lines has begun. n 10 November, the first facility meeting the demands defined by Hamburg’s bike city concept, opened at the U1 metro stop Saarlandstraße.

Modern Mobility

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, said: “The creation of attractive crossings from individual to public transport is an important part of our efforts to make the city increasingly bicycle friendly over the next years. We want to set new standards for a modern mobility set: with more parking lots, more service and more safety. How we mean this, can now be experience hands-on at Saarlandstraße’s metro stop.”

Sheltered Bicycle Parking

All future facility will feature as standard solid bicycle straps along with boxes and collective storage systems that partly feature charging options for e-bikes and pedelecs. Some bicycle parking lots will allow feature lockers for rent opening and closing with a digital key card system. Half of all facilities will be sheltered, with lots for rent accounting for 20 per cent. 30 million euro will be invested into Hamburg’s new B+R facilities.

Reliable Standards

The modernisation and maintenance of the plants lies in the hands of Hamburg’s civic B+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH. “Our aim is to establish a uniform quality standard for all of Hamburg. If you can rely on the good quality and service of Hamburg’s B + R facilities, cyclists who only occasionally use their bike will be more easily convinced to become a regular cyclistsm, and to permanently use biking and public transport to move around town”, said Heino Vahldieck, managing director of B+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH.

17 New Facilities In 2016

The construction of the first completely new facility at the U-Bahn stop Saarlandstraße in Winterhude has taken about three months to complete. On approximately 500 square metes, 162 new bicycle parkings have been set up. Of these, 80 freely accessible spaces are sheltered. Further twelve parkings can also be locked. Rents for lockable units amount to 8 euro per month or 90 euro per year. 270,000 euro were invested into the new facility. In 2016, the completion of 17 further facilities is on the agenda.

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