Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Mobil.Pro.Fit: Hamburg's Initiative for Corporate Green Mobility

Enterprises are supported in their corporate mobility management. Company fleets, business travel, and commuting of employees to be optimised along green guidelines

Hamburg has been appointed as one of the country’s eleven model region Mobil.Pro.Fit. The nationwide pilot project initiated by the German Working Group for Environmental Management (B.A.U.M.) supports companies in the implementation of a sustainable mobility strategy. Next to the corporate fleet, the employees’ way to work and the mobility of business travels is being analysed in order to develop strategies for a sustainable efficient and climate-friendly mobility that are custom-tailored to the companies’ needs.

Many Partners, One Goal

The project constitutes a link between local climate protection strategies and operational mobility requirements in regional networks. By participating in the project, companies become a partner of a regional network. Headed by the Hamburg Ministry of the Economy, Transport and Innovation, co-operation partners include, inter alia, the Environment Partnership Hamburg, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and the Logistics Initiative Hamburg.

Reduced Emissions, Less Cost

Hamburg’s Minister of Economy, Innovation, and Transport, Frank Horch, is convinced by the project. “Low-emission mobility not only protects health. Mobility management can make a significant contribution to new everyday mobility concepts, which make it possible to move around the city quickly and flexibly without a car. Also, we have to take into account demographic change, globalisation, climate change, environmental and resource protection and must not ignore the needs of citizens for security and affordability of mobility.”

Andreas Bartmann, CEO of Globetrotter Equipment GmbH said that actions both the environment and the employees will benefit from corporate green mobility management. “For businesses, it is crucial to gain a competitive advantage by capturing and controlling the cost and impact of mobility in the long term.”

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