Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Harburg Leuchtturmprojekt bei Klima kommunal © Stefan Koch

Hamburg Metropolitan Region wins six prizes at "Klima kommunal 2016"

Heat exchangers, activity bonuses and new usage strategies - cities and communities naer Hamburg win awards in Lower Saxony

Six of 19 winners of Lower Saxony’s “Klima kommunal 2016” competition hail from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The winners from the district of Luneburg, the district of Harburg, the Hanseatic city of Stade and the city of Geestland, near the district of Cuxhaven, accepted the honour of “Leuchtturmproject” Monday (August 29th) in Hanover. Stefan Wenzel, Lower Saxony’s Minister for the Environment, and Dr. Marco Trips, spokesman for the Working Group of the Local Authority Associations in Lower Saxony (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der kommunalen Spitzenverbände Niedersachsens) presented the awards for “exemplary projects on climate protection” during a ceremony in Hanover’s Old Town Hall. The three main prizes went to the cities of Oldenburg, Osnabruck and the Vrees community.

Environment-friendly heat exchanger for Luneburg’s museum

Wenzel told around 170 guests: “Climate protection occurs locally and communities are the main actors when implementing the measures. A total of 46 competition entries show how committed and creative communities in Lower Saxony dealt with the task – from using the heat from wastewater, renovating municipal buildings to entirely new ideas for projects.”

The Hanseatic city of Luneburg won the Leuchtturm prize of EUR 2,000 for a project to recover heat from the sewer near the city’s new museum. Authorities had a high performance heat exchanger installed when renovating the old museum complex and building the new one. Now, the museum no longer needs cost intensive electricity and air conditioning in summer.

The city of Geestland in the district of Cuxhaven also won EUR 2,000 for introducing an intelligent street lighting system. A central point for managing street lighting allows the city to increase the energy efficiency of the existing LED-based street lighting, which has already proven thrifty. Prior to the large-scale introduction of the lighting management, a practicable solution was derived from three pilot projects. Four of the 14 Leuchtturm prizes came with cash prizes of EUR 4,000 each. Harburg, Lüneburg and Stade won higher amounts of cash.

Energy-oriented refurbishment publicly illustrated

Harburg won for its project “Energy management – gaining efficiency and saving costs through transparency”. A project to encourage school pupils, teachers and caretakers to save energy and water is currently underway at 14 schools in the district of Harburg. Since 2012, participating schools have received bonuses of EUR 35,000 as a result of saving consumption. The district of Luneburg was honoured for installing an energy efficient server room in the main administration.

The Hanseatic city of Stade’s project “Glass building site Stade-Hahle” won for making the energy rehabilitation of a terraced house in Hahle, a suburb of Stade, transparent. Short films showed the building phases to the public and were documented in internet videos. Guided tours were held during the building phase and for the press.

Fewer empty buildings and commuters

The joint community of Nordkehdingen in the district of Stade was one of two competitors to win the Future Prize worth EUR 2,000. The community’s project, “Innovation Centre Telework”, allows commuters from Nordkehdingen to use rooms in empty buildings for hours or days at a time. This helps the city tackle the effects of demographic change and reduces CO2 emissions caused by many commuters.

A jury of eight chose the winners of the total EUR 100,000 prize money. The main prize-winners were Oldenburg for a project on reusing wastewater heat, the city of Osnabruck for energy-oriented city refurbishment and the Vrees community for an ongoing switch to renewable energy for electricity and heat supply. The competition is held under the auspices of the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection and the state’s Local Authority Associations and organised by the Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Niedersachsen.

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