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Hamburg presents its master plan for e-mobility

Senate of Hamburg to improve charging capacities for e-cars. Facilities to be quadrupled.

The Hamburg Senate has approved a master plan for the creation of publicly accessible charging stations for electric cars, and thus created the first central planning and implementation instrument for the necessary expansion of electric mobility. According to the master plan, the number of public charging points for e-cars to be quadrupled. By mid-2016, charging e-cars in the city of Hamburg will be possible at 592 points, including 70 locations with powerful direct current (DC) access.

4.7 million euro investment into expansion

To meet the demands of the growing number of electric car owners, 227 additional charging stations will be set up across all seven districts of Hamburg. According to the Senate of Hamburg, a total of around 4.7 million euro federal and state funds have been allocated to the project.

Focal points of the master plan:

  • Construction and operation of the charging stations are located in the central coordinating responsibility of the municipal power grid operated by Hamburg GmbH;
  • The requirements for publicly accessible recharging infrastructure will be standardised.
  • Charging infrastructure on private properties that are open to public access can be publicly funded in the future.
  • Fees for charging may be paid by a new smartphone app.
  • In future, there will be app-based information on locations and availability of charging stations. This facilitated access will be supported by the beginning of 2015, when a new national law will be getting into force regulating access to charging stations.

Important step for Hamburg

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation, said: “The introduction of electro mobility is confronted with many challenges in Germany. With the master plan passed today by the Senate of Hamburg, we were taking an important step in Hamburg, allowing to expand the charging infrastructure systematically on a demand-oriented base. For present and future users of electric cars, the master plan is an important signal telling all it is worthwhile to switch to a sustainable electric drive.”

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In Hamburg and its metropolitan region, some 950 e-cars are currently being operated. In the framework of projects funded by the federal government, further 750 electric vehicles are to be introduced by companies, public sector, and in neighborhood-related car sharing. In addition, the Hamburg Chambers of Commerce, and the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts both introduced e-car procurement initiatives with target figures as high as 1,000 electric vehicles each. Against the background of a rising demand in the private sector, the Senate of Hamburg is expecting up to 5,000 e-cars and plug-in hybrids on the city-state’s road by the end of 2016.

Today, 140 charging stations are available to users of electric cars, including 100 on public roads and on P + R lots. For all charging points, it its mandatory that only certified green power is being used. Introduced in early 2011 by Vattenfall Europe, the city’s charging station have enjoyed a continuous increase in frequency and use. From April to July 2014, the number of charges increased by 40 per cent.

With the AC powered charging stations in Hamburg meanwhile retrofitted, conventional charging only will take 60 minutes. The DC powered rapid charging stations even cut town the time of the charging process to 30-40 minutes.

The master plan envisages so-called triple chargers to be installed at 70 locations by 2016 that will allow both DC fast and conventional AC charging.

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