Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Managing a power station per laptop or tablet computer

HanseWerk Natur's technology set to revolutionise power stations' control units

HanseWerk Natur is now using laptops and tablet computers to carry out maintenance work on power stations, a press release said last Friday. Based on software developed at HanseWerk Natur to manage control and instrumentation technology, some 300 thermal power stations and cogeneration units and 70 cogeneration units in the virtual power station can be managed from a mobile phone network anytime, anywhere. “By going without a central control unit, we can raise the reaction times and the unit’s efficiency considerably, set up a resource savings plan and lower the administration costs,” said Thomas Baade, Technical Director of HanseWerk Natur.

Alerts to faults on smartphones

Both individual and unstaffed thermal power stations as well as the entire, automated disruption management system at HanseWerk Natur are now managed by remote video monitoring. Additional analyses and measures to improve efficiency are to be integrated into the operation procedures. Technical staff working on standby 24/7 at HanseWerk Natur will receive automatic, SMS notifications of faults and disruptions without delay and before a client notices the situation.

Web technology to raise efficiency and lower costs

Under the decentralised regulation concept, staff in the energy, technical services, operational and maintenance divisions will be able to access the operating system quickly and from anywhere. This will help reduce the number of power outages, secure the supply of energy and keep operating costs to a minimum.

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