Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Hamburger Skyline vom Energieberg in Georgswerder © Hamburg

Information week on hydrogen strategy

Northern German coastal states to make hydrogen strategy tangible

A Week of Hydrogen North has been scheduled from June 6-14, 2020 to make the hydrogen strategy, adopted by the Ministers of Economics and Transport in five north German states last November, tangible, a press release said Wednesday (February 5, 2020). This comes against the backdrop of greater reliance on hydrogen and fuel cell technology as an energy carrier of the future for use in energy, industry and mobility.

Use of hydrogen

Hydrogen plays a key role in sector coupling and facilitates the use, storage and transport of regenerative energy through an intelligent combination of electricity, heat and gas to relieve grids. This reduces costs incurred by bottlenecks. But what exactly are the advantages of hydrogen? How economical is it and what are the next steps for northern Germany? Referencing hydrogen, various concepts are mentioned such as electrolysis, a process by which hydrogen is produced from wind power to store it temporarily and then transported it for use in industrial applications, e.g. steel, aluminium or copper production.

Understanding hydrogen applications

During the information week, lectures, presentations, and test drives will help raise understanding of hydrogen applications. The Hydrogen Week, co-ordinated by H2 Mobility Germany, is backed by a network of project management agencies, business associations, universities and research initiatives.

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