Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Energieberg Georgswerder © IBA Hamburg GmbH Johannes Arlt

IBA Hamburg Submits Report – Globally Recognised Project

IBA to continue successful work towards a CO2 free neighbourhood

For four years, the climate protection concepts “Renewable Wilhelmsburg”, which met with international acclaim, has been implemented in the course of the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg. Today, Monday 26 January 2015, the first work report will be published.

Drawn up by the IBA Hamburg GmbH, the Federal Environment Agency, and TU Darmstadt, the report sold by Jovis Verlag (ISBN 978-3-86859-889-6) sets the implementation and further development of the concept in the context of current discussions about the energy transition. Methods are reflected on against the background of nationwide experiences, and the social and economic viability of the whole scheme is examined critically. This analytical process culminates in suggestions for the ongoing discussions on energy transition. Harry Lehmann, Federal Environment Agency: “The Climate Protection Concept Renewable Wilhelmsburg has been integrated into important national and international cooperation and research projects. Thus, it is not only presented to a broad audience, but also approaches and experiences are being intensively discussed and developed. This concept is an exemplary blueprint for other regions of Germany.”

Carbon-Neutral Elbe Islands Pilot Project

During seven years of the IBA Hamburg, many first big parts of the “Renewable Wilhelmsburg’ Climate Protection Concept” have been successfully impleted. iSince 2015, half of the electricity needed by all buildings on the Elbe islands has been be produced on site by climate-friendly and renewable energies. By2025, the entire electricity need of the buildings will be produced on the island, where more than 55,000 people live on 35 square metres. The coverage of the heat demand is aimed for the year of 2050. To reach the ambitious goal of a climate-neutral neighbourhood, IBA Hamburg defined for strategic fields of actions in its climate concept: energy efficient new buildings, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, renewable heating networks, and renewable energies.

Parts Of The Road Map Are Now ow A Reality

For four years, the concept ahas been implemented. Due to its hands-on and practical approach, it attracted much national and international attention. The first work report now complementing the energy atlas shows a differentiated picture of the implementation and parallel development of the “Renewable Wilhelmsburg” concept in 2014. Large parts of the 2010 road map are now a reality: The energy hill Georgswerder supplies 20 per cent of the households in the Elbe island with renewable electricity. All new buildings and renovations that have been completed in the framework of the International Building Exhibition Hamburg, and have all exceeded the minimum legal requirements for energy efficiency accordingly, thereby reducing the energy consumption on the Elbe islands.

New Challenges

As the new renewable heating networks linked to the energy bunker and the new centre of Wilhelmsburg have not yet fully utilised their potential, additional households on the Elbe island may be connected to the renewable heating network. On the other hand, the implementation of the climate protection concept resulted into new challenges, which will have to be met to reach the target of full CO2 neutrality by 2050.

To Continue Lighthouse Project

In the view of the Federal Environment Agency, the Technical University of Darmstadt, IBA Hamburg’s climate protection concept “Renewable Wilhelmsburg” should continue as a flagship project. With this project, and precisely because of its valuable practical experience , Hamburg is not only internationally a pioneer of new energetic concept in urban development and redevelopment, but also a laboratory for innovative practical solutions. “Wilhelmsburg has undergone significant development in recent years. We want to continue the urban renewal in housing and neighbourhood development together withIBA Hamburg. Wilhelmsburg is becoming one of the most innovative areas in Hamburg”, said Jutta Blankau, Minister for Urban Development and Environment.

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