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HAW Campus Berliner Tor © Elke Stagat / HAW Hamburg

HAW Hamburg Saves 1.4 Million Euro By Energy Savings Contracting

For universities, Energy Savings Contracting is a very good way to sustainably renovate buildings without burdening the public budget

To renovate outdated power plants and thus to improve the teaching and working conditions, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences HAW Hamburg pursued a new way choosing energy savings contracting in 2013. Now, the energy balance for 2014 has been made available. In the first year after the university’s energy-efficient refurbishment, savings of more 625,000 euro were achieved. By avoiding the intensive maintenance of old plants, further 783,000 euro of secondary savings were gained. Total savings in 2014 thus amounted to 1.4 million euro.

“Our expectations were exceeded”, said Bernd Köver, the Chancellor of the HAW Hamburg, Bernd Klöver. “For universities, energy savings contracting is a very good opportunity to renovate building sustainable without burdening the public budget.” The 40-year old ventilation and heating systems to the HAW campus at Berliner Tor and Bergedorf were either replaced or upgraded under the contracting scheme.

Energy Cost Reduce By One-Third

As a result, the consumption of heat and electricity was reduced by 5,286 MWh in the first year. Compared to 2013, the university’s energy consumed decreased by 31.4 per cent. Also, the use of district heating could be reduced, resulting an a total reduction of cost by 625,148 euro. Taking into account the general increase in electricity prices and fluctuations in consumption, budget-related savings totalled 275,410 euro net. In addition, secondary savings of 99,240 euro were achieved due to the abolished high maintenance costs of the old systems. Last but not least, the combined implementation of measures by a central contracting partners has proven to be far more cost-effective than contracting multiple service providers with individual works.

Targets Exceeded

Bernd Klöver, Chancellor of the HAW Hamburg: “For us, the energy savings contracting definitely paid off. We were able to achieve several goals and even partly exceed them: to renovate obsolete technologies, to increase the satisfaction of students and staff, and to reduce energy costs. The EEC has shown that we can take care of ourselves as a university. We also comply with the “energy management for universities” requirements of the Court of Hamburg.”

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