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Hamburg on the Way to a Biker's Paradise

42 kilometres of trails added to the city's large trail network. 159 public bike rental stations. Cycle Superhighways to come

Green mobility is quintessential of a smart city. In addition to promoting e-vehicles, Hamburg has been significantly expanding and improving bicycle lanes in recent years. Cycling helps to reduce road congestion by vehicle traffic and thus to reduce the noise, air and congestion problems. Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, summarised Hamburg’s successes in the promotion of cycling in the years 2013-15 on 23 June 2015. His “Progress Report 2015 Cycling Action Plan” also features an outlook on future measures taken in 2015 and following years.

Cycling Continues to Boom

Horch said: “Biking becomes increasingly important in Hamburg. In the current legislature, the promotion of cycliing is one of the priorities in the transport policy of the Senate. Hamburg is to become a cycling city, and we certainly set ambitious targets. In Hamburg, cycling on the upswing. Bicycle traffic levels have risen steadily for years. The city bike system is a true success, and cyclists increasingly demand good cycling facilities.”

Achievements of 2013-2014

In 2013-2014, 42 kilometres of trails have been newly added to Hamburg’s biking network, or upgraded to meet today’s standards. The public bike systems set up in co-operation with Deutsche Bahn AG today comprises 159 StadtRAD station, with twelve locations south of the Elbe river integrated into the rental system. Further expansion of the service is envisaged.

Another key component of the Senate’s cycling strategy are 14 bicycle superways, allowing cyclist to safely and quickly commute between city and home. For further details, please refer to the progress report’s maps, pictures, graphics, and descriptions, available online at

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